Monday-Question #3 The Movie was Better

I actually find it kind of uncomfortable to write my answer to the monday question on a sunday – I can really be kind of pedantic at times – but it was truly unavoidable. That is because I spent most of the week in bed with a cold. Luckily, I feel much better by now and I can enjoy the good things in life again, like blogging or being able to breathe through my nose. But now to the question of the week.

Monday-Question #3 – Has there ever been a movie, based on a book, that you found better than the book?

I actually try to view movie adaptations as a standalone work. That means independent from the book and therefore, I try not to compare them constantly to each other. They are just two completely mediums, with their own means and goals, that I have different expectations for. Still, when I have two similar things in front of me, it becomes impossible sometimes not to develop a preference for one of them.

The Order Makes the Difference

However, I am not the kind of person who always likes the book better. I think I get very much influenced by the order in which I experience the story in.

Most of the time, I read the book first. When I then develop an emotional bond with the story and the characters, I will like the book best, no matter how good the movie might be.

But every now and then, I watch the movie first. In that case I actually like the movie better. As examples, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Devil Wears Prada movie come to mind. Although, I should mention that I barely remember the latter . I only remember checking the book out from the library and upon finishing it, thinking “the movie was better”.

In the Lord of the Rings case, I watched the movies first and fell in love with the story and the characters. When I then read the books, I just found them a lot more dry then the movies. Then again, it is entirely possible that I read them at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Namely, on vacation in Turkey.  Because I had not taken any other books with me, I read them anyway, even thought they were truly no beach reads.

Other times, when I watched the movie first, I don’t remember ever liking the book better anyway, but the reverse has happened many times.

The TV Show was Better

Now that I’m thinking about adaptations of books, I am realizing, that it’s different with tv series. For example, I am now reading Kass Morgan’s the 100 books. I have to say, even if I had read the books first, I would have liked the show better. The books just can’t keep up with the plot and themes of the show.

I also really like the tv series the Magicians, but I have only read the first books of the series, it is based on, and even that I only managed at the second try.

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