Monday-Question #4 Bookcase Tetris

When I read the monday-question, that Antonia posed this week, I got lost in daydreams for a bit. I have my own home library in those dreams. With bookcases that line whole walls and that are full with well organized books. All of it wishful thinking, I am afraid. Instead, I have one bookcase, that is only “organized” in the Tetris system.

Monday-Question #4 Do you organize your bookcase?

My “bookcases”

Unfortunately, I have at the moment very little room for my books. I have one actual bookcase and a cupboard full of books over my desk. Additionally, I have books on my desk, under my desk, under my bed and on the top of my closet.

How are my books organized?

First, the most important rule: Read and unread books have to be strictly separated. I have a space on the cupboard over my desk for my unread books. Those are not oragnized, I just try to fit in as many as possible in that space.

On my desk are reference books and books about languages and grammar etc.

My read books are, wherever possible, organized by genre. Within a genre, they are organized by topic and by feeling. In general, I never organize anything alphabetically. I just find it easier to find books by their content.
The less space is left, the less organized my books become. By now they are just placed, wherever there is any free space left.

Finally, there are my mangas. Under my desk are the volumes of a German manga magazine called Daisuki, that I read as a teenager for years. The other manga volumes are at the top of my bookcase and in boxes on top of my closet.

And then there is a drawer under my bed which has a few comic books and books on drawing in it.

Basically, there are books everywhere. Now that I am writing this all down, I am realizing how extremely chaotic it all sounds, but I actually kind of like it. Even if I still dream about my well organized home library. I have to say, though, that I would also organize that by genre and topic.

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