Monday-Question #5 Too Scary To Continue

Another monday and another interesting question from Antonia: “Did you ever have to stop reading a book because it was too scary?“ Very fitting for early October in my opinion.

Confessions of a Scaredy-Cat

My immediate answer to the question was a clear No. That is not because I am too tough to get scared. The opposite actually. I am a total chicken, when it comes to horror. Which is why I try to avoid the horror genre as much as possible. No matter how much I want to figure out why so many people love Stephen King novels, I have no plans to find out the reason anytime soon. As far as I know, he does not just write horror novels, but I am certainly not taking any chances.

Where is the Scare-limit?

I actually did not mind any of the gothic novels I have read. By that I mean novels like Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein or the Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. That means I little creepy is acceptable. To be honest I don’t feel any urge to discover my horror-limits.

The Tragic Case of the Manga that was Too Scary for this Chicken

So the first thing I thought about after reading the monday-question was the horror genre. But horror novels don’t have a monopoly on scary moments, do they?

One of my favourite animes/mangas is Detective Conan. A truly fantastic series, that I loved watching/reading. However, I stopped reading the manga a while ago. I did not even find the murder cases particularly scary. Instead, I was creeped out by the way the artist depicts the culprits. If you are familiar with the series, you will know what I am talking about. The artists draws the culprit as an entirely black figure, with only the huge creepy eyes in white. One day I just reached a point when I found the depiction (in an already creepy case) too scary and stopped reading.

The tragic thing is, I actually would like to continue to read the series. However, I don’t own the books, because I was borrowing them from a friend that I am not in contact anymore. I don’t even remember where I had left off, no does the library in my town have the older books. For those who are not familiar with the series: there are now over 90 volumes. The library has the last 20 volumes or so. I don’t even remember if I had reached volume 50 (I doubt it). Even though I am incredibly curious and want to know how the series continues, it would be just too much effort at this point to figure out where I stopped reading and to get a hold of the remaining volumes. It’s really too bad.

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