Monday-Question #7 Do I Only Write a Review If I Liked the Book?

Sadly, I missed last week’s question. That is because I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair as a translator for a Turkish publisher last week. Beginning of week, I was busy with preparations and by the end of the week, I was too exhausted in the evenings to blog anything. I have to say, the fair and working as a translator were amazing, but the train ride. Oh man, the train ride.

For the first two days, it wasn’t even that bad. I took the Intercityexpress (or ICE as it is usually called). That means I arrived at the fair one and a half hours after leaving my house. But the on Friday, a train on the same route caught fire, which is why my stop got canceled from then on. On Friday and Saturday the trip to and from the fair each took more than three hours. Luckily I did not have to go on Sunday.

One would think sitting in a train for that long would allow one to read a lot. I actually managed to finish a book I had started earlier. Other than that, I only read fanfiction, because I was too stressed to start a new book.

But enough about last week. The Question this week is:

Do you mainly write reviews about books that you like or about books you don’t like as well?

My blog is still very new and I have not published a lot of reviews yet. But I think it depends on the book and also depends if it makes sense to review it.

I mean 1. is the review helpful or 2. do I have anything interesting to say about the book?

  1. Is the review helpful? Can I identify positive but also negative aspects of the books, so that readers can decide for themselves if they would like the book or not. Is there anything about the book that is harmful, that potential readers should know about?
    There are a lot of books, that I read and that were just not my thing. Other people might like them though.
  2. Do I have anything interesting to say? Did the book make me think about something? Are there themes that I want to write about.

At least that is what I am thinking right now when it comes to reviewing books I don’t like. But I have to say, I have yet to read a book I did not like since I started this blog. Should I not get anything out of a book, I would probably stop reading it and I would never review a book I have not finished.

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