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My Favourite Books, Reading Preferences and Goals

You can read this post in German as well / auf Deutsch.

After much back and forth, I have finally started my own book blog. The About page as well as the Impressum (for now only in german, sorry, but If you need clarifications please contact me) are done. The only thing missing now are the actual posts. But how do you start?

I thought, it would not only be fun, but also useful to write a blog post all about my favourite books, reading preferences, dislikes, goals and reading habits.

Favourite Books

My favourite book series is, without a doubt, J.K. Rowlings’s Harry Potter series. I think I was around twelve years old when I started reading the books and I don’t think I ever stopped, considering I still read part of it every now and then.

I read the first six books of the series in German. But I did not want to wait for the translation of the last book, especially because I did not want to be spoilt. So I spent the time, before the seventh book was published, working on my English, like I had never done for exams previously. Of course, the ending was still spoilt for me, because I was on vacation and only got my hands on the book about a week after it was published. In that regard, my plan failed, but in other ways, improving my English was the best thing I could have done. I did not just improve my English grade by several grades, but also discovered my love for the language and for english literature. The whole thing ended with me studying English literature and culture at university.

But if I had to choose a stand-alone book as my favourite, it would be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.


I mainly read young adult novels, classics, contemporary novels, romances, sci-fi and fantasy. Every now and then I also like reading non-fiction or a poetry collection. I almost never read crime fiction. The only exception, right now, is J.K. Rowlings’s Cormoran Strike series that she publishes under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Horror is the genre genre I actively avoid.

Reading Habits

  • No matter how much I intend to only read two books simultaneously at most (one ebook and a physical book), I usually read several books concurrently.
  • I always have to force myself not to take a peak at the pages ahead to see what I can expect.
  • Although my list of books I want to read and own keeps growing, I also love to re-read books. I always discover new things that impress or enchant me. Especially during stressful times, I have found it relaxing to read books I already now and love.
  • If the original language is not German or Turkish, I prefer to read in English. Unless the library only has the german version.
  • I almost always pay attention to how many pages I have read. Then I calculate how long it will probably take for me to finish the book. Hence the name of the blog.

Reading Goals

I don’t want to restrict myself with rules and goals (after all I read for fun),but I very much want to broaden my horizons. Although Turkish is my native language, I very rarely read turkish books. I want to change that. In general, I almost exclusively read books from the United States or the UK. It would be great to diversify my book shelves.

And then there are the English classics, that I did not get to during my studies. Among other things, I want to have read all of Shakespeare’s works.

Other Literary Interests

  • books with interesting structure or narrative form
  • Diversity of characters and lifestyles, that don’t rely on stereotypes
  • books with lgbt+ themes
  • feminism

That’s it for now. I will try to gradually write more about the books and authors that have shaped me.

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